About Us

Martin Paul is a string instrument workshop based in Melbourne, Australia. We specialise in the craft of restoring and dealing in fine antique violins, violas, cellos and their bows.

Martin Paul – Director & Luthier

Martin is the owner and head luthier with over a decade of experience working with fine antique violins, violas and ‘cellos.  After tertiary study and several years working professionally as a violinist and violist, Martin began his training with Brenton Fyfield at The Violineri in Melbourne in 2011.  He then went on to study fine instrument restoration intensively under the experienced British luthier John Gosling at Chapel Violins in England in 2015-16.

Martin’s specialisation is in intricate restoration, high-quality repair and conservation of rare antique instruments. He has worked on and handled many fine instruments including examples by makers such as Benjamin Banks, William Forster, Sebastian Klotz, A.E. Smith and Eugenio Degani. His experience as a classically trained musician informs his work as a luthier, allowing him to provide excellent personalised setup and tone adjustment for each instrument.

Paul B. Shields – Archetier

Paul’s experience and expertise in bow maintenance, repair and restoration is extensive. He also enjoys a growing reputation as a leading Australian bow-maker.

Paul began woodwork at a young age before an apprenticeship in joinery enabled him to work with fine furniture designers. Paul’s passion for music then led him to The Violineri with Brenton Fyfield in 2006, where he developed skills in all aspects of instrument repair and restoration, though he quickly began focusing on bows. During 2011-12, Paul honed his craft under the tutelage of eminent Australian bow-maker Lennox Holt.

He has repaired and restored many fine bows including those of Hill, Tubbs, Sartory, Peccatte, Maline, Fétique, Ouchard, and Thomachot. Paul works with various timbers to make his own bows and produces several ranges including entirely handmade pieces. His interest in French master bow-makers strongly influences his own making style.