Instruments for Sale

Here you can find a selection of the instruments we sell.

If you are seeking something in particular (a specific size, country of origin or maker) please contact us and we can give you up-to-date information of our stock. Our workshop is always restoring instruments so we can also explore what options might be available in the near future.

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Our range begins at $2000 with European workshop instruments & extends to fine antique violins suitable for professionals.

Some featured violins include:

  • Jérôme Thibouville-Lamy, French workshop c.1900
  • Wolff Bros, German workshop 1875
  • W H Dow, Australia c.1920
  • Thomas Hardie, Edinburgh, Scotland c.1840
  • Benjamin Banks, Salisbury, England c.1790
  • Eugenio Degani, Italy c.1890


Our range of violas start at $3000 and continues from there to cater for the advanced musician.

Some featured violas include:

  • 15 3/4″ Joseph Puskas, USA 1980
  • 15 7/8″ Francois Barzoni, French workshop c.1900
  • 16 1/2″ Lawrence Cocker, Derby, England 1967
  • 16 3/4″ William Jones, England 1948
  • 15 1/2″ Matthew Hardie, Edinburgh, Scotland c.1800


Our violoncello range begins at $6000 and encompasses some fine instruments suitable for professionals.

Our range includes:

  • Hagen Weise #320, modern German workshop
  • Benedikt Lang, German workshop 1988
  • fine French workshop c.1890
  • fine German workshop c.1880
  • A Warrick, Leeds, England 1907


The importance of the bow can sometimes be overlooked, however their role in enabling a musician to create excellent sound is something to celebrate.

We offer fine handmade pernambuco sticks from both European and Australian bowmakers to allow you to draw the most out of your instrument. We also have a range of student bows suitable for the beginner.

Some featured bows include:

  • G.A. Pfretzschner violin bow, fine silver mounted pernambuco stick, Germany
  • Christian Wanka viola bow, fine handmade gold mounted pernambuco stick, Germany
  • W.E. Hill & Sons violin bow, fine handmade silver mounted pernambuco stick, England c1920
  • Paul B Shields violin bow, fine handmade silver mounted pernambuco stick, Australia
  • Émile-Auguste Ouchard cello bow, fine handmade silver mounted pernambuco stick, France